In our peaceful resting place amidst bustling Tay Do, visitors are offered various choices of suitable
accommodation spaces, uniquely designed to deliver a travel experience which combines authentic local style with elegance and sophistication. Modern and innovative, along with timeless elegance, Charmant Suites promises a cozy space for refreshment in the energetic city.

Charmant Executive Suites
Designed in a contemporary and unique style, Executive Deluxe - Suites at Charmant Suites stands out with sophisticated, state-of-the-art decoration details and intricate interiors embodying the traditional spirit.
Presidential Suites
The Presidential room, with a direct view of the Can Tho River, and a spacious space will surely bring you comfort and spaciousness in the top class. You will fully enjoy the impressive beauty of the dawn right in the bedroom and breathe the fresh flavor of the airy space.